Jumping-off point – Jhareli

Author: Anupam Maurya

Our very first rural  trip was a prelude to our scheduled trip for the next day early morining. The plan was to take some newbies to a rural trip as part of clicking sessions for Photog’s exhibhition. But, I couldn’t contain my excitement as I haven’t touched my camera for a long time, then. So I pounced up  the moment Soumit suggested for a trip along with Abhinav. We asked the Auto Waala to take us to a nearby  village.

In Soumit’s words-

” Jaha aourte matki ke sath, bachhe kichad mein in short just take us to a proper Gaon waala Gaon”.

Essentially he was bang on the mark but the Auto Waala was bemused and he took us to his own village. I said-” Whatever Dude!, just fucking go somewhere .”

So there we were on the soil where true India lives, they say,  being  unaware what lay ahead.

Our first village was Jhareli, the  Auto Waala’s home. On the very first trip Soumit got his coveted shot. He captured ( in camera ) a sepherdess girl whose pose was quite glamourous. 

One aspect of rural life that we learned is how old folks play games like Cards, Chaurang and other games in evening on the streets  to amuse themselves. I froze that very routine. Just look up. 
Next we  discovered a cool sand dune and had huge fun wrestling and chasing each other. It was perfect location to do a fashion shoot. Pity we didn’t had any female with us. Atop those dunes I acheived the remarkable feat. I captured N. Dot aka Abhinav, known to be Camera Phobic.Then on our way back we were treated with ‘Chai’ which became a coveted item on our subsequent trips. Serioulsy, Chai was the highpoint of all our trips and a huge reason which drew us to all the trips. Its amazing how sips of tea-” Chai ki Chuski” could be a guilty temptation.

 I must mention, hospitality of Rajasthan folks is terrific and unparalled. They just don’t welcome you to their house but to their hearts. They aren’t swarmy like Urban crowd who welcome you with a motive and are suspicious of even their neighbours. On the flipside these people treat every child of their village as their own. This was evident by men fretting over mischeives of  other’s children under their close scrutiny. A man won’t fight other man for hitting his child as he knows it is out of fatherly affection which compelled him to do it. By coincidence our first host worked at our college’s workshop. He instantaneously recognized Soumit and then we were really at home away from home. A chance we get once in 5 months.  Before I go on anymore it appears fulsome to some I better stop here. On our way back to college we had dinner at the Dhaba opposite of Bus Stand and trust me it was good despite being just roti and soyabeen  sabji. We guzzled like famished dogs and left the shopkeeper fretting…

After the trip we were so tired that Soumit slept in my room and the next day we set out for our 2nd adventure with the day-break.


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  1. Posted by Nikhil R on November 14, 2009 at 8:09 AM

    Seems like you guys have great fun while visiting these villages. Do you maintain a flickr album for each trip you make?


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