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III stop : Railla


Author: Anupam Maurya

           I saw her

              Ascending slowly  in morning gown 

     She slipped, she gripped, casting silence down 

   And out she came opening the veil of silhouettes

            Singing and dancing to morning rhyme

 Out from my hood, I saw her, igniting young desires

                 As her smile engulfed all mires

     Refreshed  my soul woke up from slumber

                Raring to roar shredding lumber

          I saw her grazing out past the curves of hut 

               Whispering her secrets in her eyes

So profane was the whisper shattering corrupt ghouls

               Causing them to rumble  true souls

                  I outgrew my hand and clasped

                     But she slipped like a dream

                  Oh yes!, I saw her in my dreams.


Thats how I woke up to a cold winter morning sweating under my blanket. As I pondered and tried to recollect the beautiful dream it was as foggy as the morning outside. Nevertheless out of my bed I was and smiled into the mirror as I splashed water on my visage. The day was going to be as beautiful as the dream. It was day for the 3 rural visit to Railla, a village 5 km from Pilani.

We started from the campus in our Phatphatiya Auto with rumbling noise and obnoxious smoke. It asphyxiated me and Harry as we sat behind. This time it was not just our coterie Photomaniacs but other enthusiasts too who accompanied us. We were around 12 people so we dispatched in one Phatphatiya and one red Swift carrying all girls except the driver- Chotu aka Piyush. Piyush, the A.B.S is a skilled driver who bumped over the speed breaker and skidded into a ditch on the way back. No casualtites though. 

In the Phatphatiya I realised I was in the company of some amazing characters. To mention one – Harjeet, a typical ‘sardar’, the one who illustrate why all jokes are made on them ( P.S. – no offence to any community, hold them in high esteem). I simply couldn’t comprehend  how does anyone let him speak and why of all people on earth he was on the journey with me. Nevertheless, we arrived at the village to be greeted by familiar cheers and  hysterical children. It is so delightful to look at their beaming faces. We then carried out our routine survey of the village to get good photographs. With girls along the women folk were more comfortable around us. The usual scenario being women running into houses the moment they see the big camera.

Then suddenly each one of us had an insatiable desire for the Chai, the guilty temptation, and we asked our Autowaala to  arrange some free Goan ki Chai. He took us to a farm house. On the way we were amazed to see delicate gals jumping off into field through the shrubs. As it is exemplified they turned out to be not so delicate, after all. Whatever, we then waited for our chai on the Khats ( bed). Curiously there was a weigh balance hanging by a branch in the courtyard. Each one of us compared who was heavier and even girls played it and pretty soon the secret was out. Finally our Chai arrived and we sipped and sipped wishing it to never end but it did, and so did our trip.




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