The Beginning

It all started with a desire to break free from the shackles of  banal and bland Urban Life.  In our hearts each one of us  knew that we wanted, something different, rather a drastic change from the cacophony of urban life to find solace in the symphony of nature. The much needed and desired opportunity came to us when we stumbled over the idea of Rural Photography as our new project for the Photomaniacs a.k.a Phookaas ( recently invented). Every one was delighted with the idea and started hemming dreams of the unchartered territory. The dreams didn’t dismay anyone, as it is usually the case, but turned out to be even more beautiful. Our rendezvous with rural life engendered a new persona by mirroring our alter ego before our eyes. We have loads of experience to cherish and here we share some of them with you.
From the hot strong Tea to namkeen Lassi, from fresh air to smoke of Hukka and from generous hospitality to bashful ladies, we were just smitten by every quality of the rural life. Never ever I had so many tea than what I guzzled during our village trips. To read on click arrow…
This blog is an episode in  ” Experiments with Photography-a journey begins” –

Photomaniacs is an initiative by budding group of young photographers who are exploring the exciting and marvellous world and documenting it with their skills in Photography.

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