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My First Trip…….


Author:  Sandeep

I share with you my first ever true outdoor clicking session and it couldn’t had been better. It happened by chance. I was just asked after getting up in the morning by my senior and I said yes, obligingly. It was my first but second rural trip of Photomaniacs.

They say India lives in villages.With this rural project at hand we set out to explore the truth behind it.Given below is an account of my first trip as I go down the memory lane………..

Accustomed to laying asleep in our cozy beds in the wee hours of dawn, we broke the habit and set out for a new adventure .The soothing breeze, the chirping birds, chimes of the temple bells, made the perfect setting for a rustic expedition.The subtle pace of our ‘phat-phatiya'(the three-wheeler auto-rickshaw) on the bumpy roads made it even more adventurous !!!!!! After a few kilometers of travelling,we drifted from the main road into a by-lane that marked the beginning of our destination-Banghotliwadi,Pilani,Rajasthan.

We stood there, fixing our cameras, waiting to go on a clicking spree.Photography in essence isn’t just about pressing the button at what you see, it’s about trying to capture the essence, the aura of the ambience around you. As soon as you click the button and freeze the frame,you capture a moment in it,a moment that speaks for itself and tells a different story eachtime. One thing that separates the village folk from the urban people is the lack of sofistication.Their simplicity of approach towards the quotidian activities of life left us astounded at times.But this posed a serious problem as well. As soon as people get a hint that a camera is around there is drastic change in their expression and then you get a couple of artificial poses.As photographers we took this as a challenge and the outcome was tremendous.We had a plethora of portraits capturing people at its bests. The most memorable part was the number of cute little faces that had come greet us. These little friends had lots of enthusiasm and never lost an opportunity of announcing our arrival among their friends. The transition towards modern technology with the passage of time was seen, but with camels ploughing the fields, and the puffy rotis cooked on earthen chulhas(stoves) – the villages definitely present a silent retreat from the complexity of modern life…


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